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You can use this form to enter your RPG character's information.   Note: If you are updating your record, be sure that the word "Update" is the first thing in the "Additional Information" section.

  1. Please enter your real name or handle in the space below. Optional: You can provide an e-mail address and web page URL where people can reach you. Again, this is optional:
    Your Name
  2. Please tell me about your character:
    Character's Name
    Gender Male Female
  3. Enter your unit's name in the space provided below. Just give the name here; if you need to describe the unit, there is a space below for that.

  4. What is your rank in the unit? (e.g., Colonel, Leftenant, Hauptmann, MechWarrior ... )

  5. What is your position in the unit? (If you are a unit leader, commander, boss, or whatever, just enter "CO". If you are the owner, enter "owner"; if you are just a member, enter "MechWarrior", or "Pilot", or whatever. Be creative! Or, you could just leave it blank ...)

  6. Choose your character's allegiance (Only one choice is allowed):
    Clan Diamond Shark
    Clan Ghost Bear
    Clan Jade Falcon
    Clan Nova Cat
    Clan Smoke Jaguar
    Clan Steel Viper
    Clan Wolf
    Other Clan
    Capellan Confederation
    Draconis Combine
    Federated Commonwealth
    Federated Suns (3025)
    Free Rasalhague Republic
    Free Worlds League
    Lyran Commonwealth (3025)
    Lyran Alliance (3056+)
    St. Ives Compact
    Bandit Kingdoms
    Magistracy of Canopus
    Outworlds Alliance
    Taurian Concordat
    Periphery Independents
    Mercenary / Pirate / Independent IS
  7. Any additional information about your character or unit? If he is a mercenary, pirate, indepenent, or something else, tell me about it.  Please don't use the ENTER key here.  It seems to mess up my parser for some reason.

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