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FedCom Players

  • Lord Ricard (Richard Y. Knight) (Retired to NPC status)

  • Major Alex Weis, MIIO, a Loki agent (Ken')

  • Captain Thom Larsen, Lance Commander, 15th Deneb Hussars (Tom McCambley)

  • Lt. Mikhail A. Dvorak, NAIS R&D (Davion) (R. J.)

  • Capt. John Barnes, Davion Heavy Guards (Warhammer)

  • Leftenant Markus Hand, 1st Conroe Training Battalion (ENIGMA)

  • Colonel Kurt Hasek, 1st Grey Tiger Lancers (Chad Barnett)

  • Hauptmann-General Vencent Everent II, The Duke of Laurent <DECEASED, damn Clans> (Doc Holliday)

  • Leftenant-General Robert Everent, CO, 1st Laurent RCT <provisional>, (Duke of Laurent in exile) (Doc Holliday)

  • General Nathan A. "Wyvern" Stahl, Regimental Command Staff, 1st Davion Guards (Nathan Yawn)

  • Colonel Victor Ian Steiner-Davion, Prince of the Federated Commonwealth, CO, 1st Davion Guards (Corran Horn)

  • General Andrew Wilhelmina, CO, 1st Lyran CAAN regiment (Simon Davanzo)

  • Hauptmann Rufus Wilhelmina (Andrew's son), CO, Mech battalion - 1st Lyran CAAN (Simon Davanzo)

  • Captain Leon Cameron, company commander, Black Templars (Mischa Calcagno)

Mercenaries Employed by the Federated Commonwealth

  • Colonel Evan Hasek-Davion, CO, 3rd Hunter Assault Lance (Evan Horansky)

  • Colonel Wolfgang Hansen, CO, Hansen's RoughRiders (Steven Aroowsmith)

  • Hauptmann Miko Tsusugu, Liaison Officer, Ghost Warriors (Leigh "Mad Dog" Brunk)

  • Colonel James Gordon (Knight of Scotland), CO, Gordon Highlanders (Al Guthrie)

  • Captain Jason Youngblood, CO, Crescent Hawks (Miguel Rodrigues)

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