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0451453832.l.gif (44604 bytes)It is the year 3049, and the universe is changing.  The Fourth Succession war ended after the events of the Warrior trilogy, and beyond random border raiding, the only significant war was the War of 3039 between the Federated Commonwealth and the Draconis Combine.  The characters from the older books are now either retired or out of the front lines (for the most part), and their children take over the scene. 

Thus, we are introduced to Phelan, son of Morgan Kell, Kai Allard-Liao, son of Justin Allard and Candace Liao (and incidentally Crown Prince of the St. Ives Compact), and Victor Ian Steiner-Davion, heir to the thrones of his two parents, and the first Archon Prince of the Federated Commonwealth -- when he reaches his age of majority.  On the other side of the former wars, we meet Hohiro Kurita, son of Theodore and grandson of Takashi.

The story follows the potential conflict between the nations of the Inner Sphere.  Pretty much everyone settled down to raise the new generation of leaders and warriors; but those children are now approaching manhood, and are eager to prove themselves in battle.

Phelan Kell, out on patrol in the deep Periphery, is captured by a mysterious force that is advancing on the Inner Sphere.  This force has weapons and technology far beyond anything that Phelan has ever seen, and despite his will he is slowly drawn into their ranks.  He discovers that they are the Clans, descendants of a force thought long gone from the Inner Sphere and dead. As he learns more about the Clans and their enigmatic leader, Ulric Kerensky, Phelan comes to question himself, and eventually decides that the best way to serve his people and his country is to work from within the Clans.  But what pain will his parents endure, first thinking him dead, and later finding out that he has joined with their enemy?

Victor has other problems.  His father posted him to a world distant from the Draconis borders, paralleling a move Theodore made with his son Hohiro.  Victor feels left out from the action, abandoned by his parents.  But when his command -- and the rest of that planet's defenses -- are blown to Kingdom Come and back by the Clan juggernaut, Victor has to rethink his strategy.  Maybe the Dragons are not the enemy to be feared the most...  Aided by his longtime friend Kai, Victor sets out to prove himself worthy of the throne to which he was born.

Kai, on the other hand, has no need to seek out new problems -- he has enough demons troubling him.  Plagued by constant feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy, Kai has to convince himself that he is worthy enough to be a friend to Victor and the others.  It really doesn't help that he sacrifices his relationship with one girlfriend to allow her to take the post she dreamed of, then falls in love with a mysterious woman who hates his guts.

Aided by many new faces (such as Galen Cox, Shin Yodama, Deidre Lear, and ComStar's new Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht), these heroes try to take on the approaching Clans from within and without.  Will they succeed in at least slowing them down?  What sacrifices must be made in order to buy enough time for the Inner Sphere to prepare?  Read Lethal Heritage to find out.

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