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Objective quality

Objective quality is the physical presentation of the article. Is it well written grammatically, with few spelling errors? Are there paragraph breaks at the right points and subheadings for each section? (That's good.) Are all three pages just one really, REALLY long run-on sentence? (That's very bad!) If you just run a spell-checker and proofread your article a few times, you should be fine on this score.

We will proofread the articles for style and content, and may correct spelling or grammar mistakes. Our articles editor may also insert small notes as needed, generally to clarify or correct something.

Subjective quality

Subjective quality is just that: do we like the article? In most cases, this is a function of the topic you choose. A report from some random 8-player tournament in rural Timbuktu wouldn't be of much interest to our local players. Alternately, a well-crafted scenario for an RPG is universally applicable.

All articles are reviewed for completeness, accuracy, relevancy, clarity, and taste by GamesNet. We reserves the right to reject any article or submission for any reason, including but not limited to bad taste, unsubstantiated accusations, personal attacks, and descriptions of inappropriate behavior.

Inappropriate Material

Any submission that contains any of the following will be rejected automatically: foul language, racial slurs, slander, malicious personal attacks, solicitation or application for any illegal activity, violations of any privacy or intellectual property rights, and articles in bad taste.  GamesNet's decision is final as to whether we accept an article or not.


"Average" length is about 2-3 pages of plain text (minimal formatting). Feel free to make your article as long (or as short) as you feel is needed; length is usually not a problem.

Required Content

No work will be accepted without a working email address and complete legal name (first name, middle name if applicable, and last name). At your request, the email address and legal name may be withheld from public posting. Please preface the submission with such a request. Articles should not be submitted under pseudonyms.

However, you shouldn't think our guidelines above are the be-all and end-all. Far from it! They're just guidelines. Feel free to write about anything you like with any length you like.  If we like it, we'll take it! We love creativity and original ideas. 

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