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All compensation at GamesNet is issued in GamesBucks.  GamesBucks can be traded in as follows:

1 GamesBuck = $1.00 Flooz gift certificate
1 GamesBucks = $1.00 gift certificate
1 GamesBuck = $0.80 cash by PayPal
2 GamesBucks = 1 in-print Magic or Pokémon booster
65 GamesBucks = 1 sealed box of Magic boosters, starters, or preconstructed decks

A quick note if you choose boosters or boxes: if we need to ship your boosters to you, you will need additional GamesBucks to cover our shipping cost.  This will vary depending on where you live; contact us for exact info.

You can choose to have your GamesBucks accumulate with us in order to spend them in one big shot.

The compensation for solicited articles will be listed on the list of solicited articles.  This will vary from article to article.

For an unsolicited article of average length and quality, compensation would be 5 GamesBucks.

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