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Occasionally, we might offer to post your material without compensation.  Some reasons for doing this include (but aren't limited to) the following:

  • Your material isn't particularly suited to our audience
  • Your material doesn't meet our standards
  • Your material was previously published elsewhere, in print or on the Web (see Copyrights and Ownership for more info)
  • You sent us your material before checking with us whether we wish to offer compensation for it
  • We may be unable to offer any more compensation at that time
  • Your material was submitted to us under the TalkBack Central, BattleTech Players Worldwide, Feedback forms, or similar sections of our site (see below for more details)

In these cases, we can't accept the article for compensation.  However, we will consider accepting your material without compensation.  These articles will be posted just like compensated articles, and nothing will indicate to the reader whether an article was compensated or not.

Any material submitted to us under the TalkBack Central, BattleTech Players Worldwide, or similar sections of our site may be automatically accepted as Free Articles (without confirmation to you), and will be handled as above.

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