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An unsolicited article is one you think would be really nifty and would like to write. To start the process, you send us a short e-mail that basically says, "I'd like to write an article about XYZ. What do you think?"  If we really like the idea, we'll reply to you with an offer to buy the article from you.  We may negotiate, and in the end we'll work out something.

Suggested topics include breakdown and analysis of recent Magic decks or types, short adventures and scenarios for D&D or BattleTech, or a short story about any of the topics covered on the Web site. A review of any book featured on our site would also be great. Be creative! We'll be happy to review anything you submit. If we turn it down, we'll let you know why.

If you want to be compensated for your work, please don't send us a completed article before we ask you to do so.  We need to review the topic and work out compensation before we read your article.  If you send us an article without our specifically asking for it, we'll either discard the article without reading it or treat it as a free article.  This may not be what you intended.

All material submitted for compensation must be original and unpublished.  See Copyrights and Ownership for more details.

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