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FASA Stock # Product Name Year Published Cover Picture
1655 Comstar Sourcebook 1992 [Cover Image]
1665 Objective Raids   objraid.jpg (20053 bytes)
1670 Mercenary's Handbook 3055   merchand3055.jpg (9457 bytes)
1673 Intelligence Operations Handbook   intelop.jpg (18672 bytes)
1678 Luthien   luthien.jpg (13436 bytes)
1679 Hot Spots   hotspots.jpg (10514 bytes)
1681 Explorer Corps 1996 [Cover Image]
1686 Black Thorns 1994 blckthrns.jpg (17006 bytes)
1687 1st Somerset Strikers 1995 [Cover Image]
1688 Chaos March 1995 chaosmrch.jpg (18899 bytes)
1692 The Periphery 1996 [Cover Image]
1698 Battletech Field Manual: Draconis Combine 1996 [Cover Image]
1699 Battletech Field Manual: Free Worlds League 1997 cover
1701 Battletech Field Manual: Mercenaries 1997 cover
1712 Shattered Sphere 1999 1555603572.01.LZZZZZZZ.gif (111286 bytes)
1714 Field Manual: ComStar  1999 1555603653.01.LZZZZZZZ.gif (196851 bytes)
1717 Field Manual: Capellan Confederation Coming December 1999 no-pic.gif (1762 bytes)


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