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[This is a revised version of SuperNova Second, 16th Battle Cluster. It has been updated to coincide with the situation in the Cluster as of (about) April 3052, just before the battle of Tukayyid. If I have pictures of the Mechs my men (and women!) pilot, I'll link them here.]

This is the way my SuperNova was configured for the battle of Tukayyid. All Mechs were equipped with a variety of lasers, PPC, and the odd missile weapon. Nova Commander Michael insisted on taking his Axeman, but agreed to modify it somewhat. The result was a compromise that left us both happy.

SuperNova Second, 16th Battle Cluster

Unit Nickname: Tisiphone
Unit Insignia
: A screaming bronze fury carrying a torch

[PS: Any budding artists who feel like contributing to this site can take a crack at drawing my unit's insignia. The colors should be Clan Wolf red and brown, with Bronze for the 16th Battle cluster. A few other muted colors are also OK. Feel free to take a little artistic license with your interpretation of the insignia, but let's not make it too complex. You can submit your drawings to me either by placing them on a Web site where I can download them (FTP or WWW are both OK), or uu-encode it and e-mail it to me at If you have any questions, contact me and we'll work it out.]

Alpha Second Nova

Bravo Second Nova

Nova Captain Adrian, Timber Wolf

MechWarrior Grell, Elite, Executioner
(Gauss / Lasers)

MechWarrior Kelly, Veteran, Warhawk

MechWarrior Jolist, Elite, Timber Wolf
(LRM-15 / Lasers)

MechWarrior Edora, Veteran, Marauder IIc
(3×PPC / LRM)

Nova Commander Michael, Elite, Axeman IIc / Hellbringer
(Gauss / Lasers / uAC's / Hatchet and TSM on Axeman)

MechWarrior Virgil, Elite, Timber Wolf
(Lasers / SRM's)

MechWarrior Patrick, Veteran, Summoner
(Lasers / NARC)

MechWarrior Elladora, Elite, Timber Wolf
(uAC-10 / Lasers)

MechWarrior Tara, Elite, Summoner
(Lasers / LB-10X / NARC)

Point Commander Klen Kerensky, Elite, 4 Elementals
Point Commander Stemmis Shaw, Elite, 4 Elementals
Point Commander Bryn Sradac, Elite, 4 Elementals
Point Commander Jana, Elite, 4 Elementals
Point Commander Adri, Elite, 4 Elementals
Point Commander Endo Sradac, Elite, 4 Elementals
Point Commander Merlissa, Elite, 4 Elementals
Point Commander Lefar Kerensky, Elite, 4 Elementals
Point Commander Gennifer, Elite, 4 Elementals
Point Commander Rullick, Elite, 4 Elementals

All Mechs equipped with LRM's or SRM's carry NARC ammo. All Elementals carry a pair of SRM-2 packs, with NARC ammunition. Also, all Elementals carry ER Small Lasers, unless specified otherwise prior to a battle.

To find out what the Inner Sphere people call these and other Clan OmniMechs and BattleMechs, check out the Mech Name Conversion Table.

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