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We have a Champion!

GamesNet is proud to announce that the winner of the UAE National Championships 2001 is none other than our defending champion, Mark Marsden!  For full results and decklists of the top four, take a look at our results page.


UAE Nationals will be the biggest event of the year!  It will be spread out over two days, with more fun, challenge, and prizes than any tournament we've ever held before.  The format is Rochester Draft on Day One, then Standard and top 8 on Day Two.  The top eight will play modified double-elimination after the Swiss rounds on Day Two.

Date and Place

The event will takes place on Thursday and Friday, May 3 - 4, 2001.  As always, the event will be held at Emirates International School in the cafeteria.


The event will take place over two days.  Day 1 (Thursday, May 3) will start with a Last-Chance Qualifier, followed by four rounds of Invasion - Invasion - Planeshift Rochester Draft.  Day 2 (Friday, May 4) will be four rounds of Standard followed by modified double-elimination playoffs by the top 8 players using the same Standard decks.  More details here.

Invitations Announced!

Since Nationals is closed this year, only players who are invited or qualify may play.  Players are invited if they are one of the top 50 players in the country.  If you are not automatically invited, you can qualify for Nationals by being one of the top unqualified players in a Qualifier tournament.  Just in case you haven't qualified by the time Nationals rolls around, we are having a Last-Chance Qualifier just before we start Nationals Day One.

The full list of invitations and qualifications can be found here.  This page will be updated regularly whenever new players qualify.

Deck Registration

As with last year, you will be required to register your deck. 

This means you must write down every single card you use, including your sideboard.  For more information on how to register your deck correctly, you can read our feature article here.

Deck sheets will be available at the tournament.  If you would like to save some time on the day, you can fill out the deck sheet at home, and bring the completed  sheet with you to the tournament.  Here is the download you need:

Premier Events

More information on premier events can be found here. This includes what we know about Worlds and Europeans for this year.

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