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Adrian Spoint: Saga of a Ristar

  • Adrian's Story

Adrian's story has ended (mostly because I moved away from my GM!). The story of his last days on Tukayyid, along with some spoiler info, will be up shortly. More info coming soon.

Whenever we role-play a battle or a major scenario, I'll write up a summary of what happened, and publish it on one of the pages in this section. The combats and role-played events are listed in chronological order, and each item is linked to the page with the updated content. Be sure to read my general notes if there's something about my style you don't understand.

  • The Adrian Campaign

Here, you can find details about the house rules and campaign-specific information that we use.

The BattleTech Universe

The BattleTech universe is a deep, rich, ever-changing world with engaging characters and a thorough history that stretches for over a millennium.  Look here for the history of the BattleTech Universe and the general Clan history sections.

BattleTech Players Worldwide

There is a tremendous variety of people on the newsgroup Rec.Games.Mecha and elsewhere who role-play in the BattleTech universe. We present a summarized listing of the these people.

Books and Products for Sale

Visit the GamesNet Bookstore and purchase your favorite BattleTech products on-line.  Get the Scenarios, Tech Readouts, Expansions, and even Boxed Sets that you need, all conveniently listed in one page.  And, thanks to the economies of the Internet, you'll get a healthy discount in the bargain!

We not only have the game products, we also have all the novels for the BattleTech Universe.  Find out how the Federated CommonWealth came into existence in the Warrior trilogy, now back in print.  Learn about the terrifying Clan invasion in the Blood of Kerensky trilogy.  Or find out about the end of the biggest threat to the Inner Sphere ever in the Twilight of the Clans series.

Not sure where to start? Check out our recommendations!


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