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Here are our recommendations for the best of the breed.  If you get these items and no other, you should be all set to experience the BattleTech or MechWarrior games at their best.


FASA Stock # Product Name Year Published Cover Picture
1604 BattleTech 4th Edition (Boxed Set)

This is the basic game. It includes a few 'Mech figures, two standard map sheets, and the basic (Level 1) rules.  You pretty much need this to go anywhere in BattleTech.

1996 [Cover Image]
1697 First Strike!

This book serves as an introduction to the more advanced Level 2 rules.  It also introduces the Clans and their unique system of honor in combat.  It also has a couple of scenarios to get you straight into the action.

1996 1555602835.01.LZZZZZZZ.gif (133857 bytes)
1707 BattleTech Master Rules

Go all-out with the new, complete guide for BattleTech combat.  This is the standard set of rules used for tournament play (Level 2). It serves as the bible for 'Mech combat, including all the necessary information for building your own 'Mech.

1998 [Cover Image]
1700 Maximum Tech

Move into high gear with all-new equipment and options for your game.  A great way to expand your lineup.  Also includes a breakdown of the new Battle Value system, which can be used to help assure fair, balanced battles.  Although it's not essential, it's a great bonus.

1997 [Cover Image]


1715 MechWarrior 3rd Edition

This is all you need to start playing in the MechWarrior universe.  BattleTech lets you see what happens when your character is riding a BattleMech, but what if you'd rather play a wily trader?  A sneaky spy?  A bored politician's daughter looking for a thrill?  You can do all this and more in the BattleTech universe, with just one book.  How's that for a bargain?

Additional adventures are available, but they're not really necessary unless you're out of plot ideas.

1999 [Cover Image] 

Other Stuff

Depending on your preferences and needs, you might like to add in some Tech Readouts, which list dozens of standard 'Mech designs, or Record Sheets, which are ready-for-use 'Mech battle info sheets.  Again, these come for standard 'Mechs, but you can make sheets for your own 'Mechs with the blanks included.  You can find these items here.

Also, once you decide which nation or group you most like, you'll probably want to learn a little more about them.  You can get more information about your group through sourcebooks.  These include all sorts of information that can help you to enhance your playing experience.  Sourcebooks are divided into three categories at our site, and you can find them here.

The BattleTech universe is downright huge, with more variety and complexity than almost any other I've read about.  The best way to discover it is to read about it in story books.  Find out what it's like to live in the shoes of an average MechWarrior who abruptly gets catapulted into the spotlight.  Or maybe you'd prefer the story of a peace-loving doctor who falls in love with the best warrior in the known universe - and hates herself for it.  All these and more can be found in the BattleTech novels.

Well, I guess that's about it. Good luck, good hunting, and always remember: have fun!


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