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We also host tournaments with some regularity; the most popular local format is Extended. Standard and Booster Draft are also local favorites. The schedule for our upcoming tournaments is now available on-line.

NEW! Magic Checklists Released

By popular demand, our color-coded and self-updating Magic checklists have been posted for your downloading pleasure.  Use them all you like to help collect your sets.


We offer a wide range of Magic products for sale, with boosters, starters, pre-constructed decks, sets, and singles ranging several years back!

  • Packs

Here is our current price list.  Check to see what we have, and at what price.  When you're ready to order,  reserve your packs on-line and earn a discount for using the Web!  How's that for a great deal?

  • Boxes

In-print boxes are available for a special discounted price of Dhs. 400 each.  Older products are by special order only.

  • Sets

We have a small selection of sets on hand, but it changes with time.  Contact us through Special Orders to find out what's on hand.  If we don't have it in stock, we'll get you a price quote and a delivery time estimate.

  • Singles

We don't normally keep a stock of singles on hand for sale.  Rather, if you wish to buy a particular card, let us know what it is, and we'll find the best price for it that we can.  You pay our actual cost plus a small handling fee.


Required reading if you wish to become the best in Magic!  Visit the GamesNet Bookstore and find the books that will delight your fantasy palate, enhance your Magic skills, or just plain give you a few hours of relaxing entertainment.


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