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Below is a list of the files that we have developed for our campaign. They help flesh out the various roles and functions of the Clan leaders and bureaucracy.

House Rules
A compilation of the house rules that we use during our play sessions.

The Clan Directory
Who's who of the important characters in our campaign.

Military Rank Structure
The military ranks in the Clans, and their associated codes.

Operational Commands
The Clan bureaucracy has many departments; here is a listing of some of them and their functions.

Honor Levels
When in combat, a Clan warrior is bound to obey the Rules of Engagement. These, in turn, are dissected into the honor levels.

Warrior Designations
Each warrior is classified by his status, whether active, inactive, etc.

Security Classifications
Want to find out how to keep your documents out of the hands of the laborers? Classify it!

Glossary of Clan Terminology
The Clansfolk often use strange terms; look them up here.



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