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BattleTech is an amazing game system where you duke it out with your opponents in huge, 10-meter tall machines called BattleMechs.  In the story of Adrian Spoint, all of the battles were done in BattleTech, while the rest of the story was played out in MechWarrior.

If you wish to take the storyline further, and explore the possibilities of life outside the cockpit, then the MechWarrior role-playing system is for you.  Be a MechWarrior, a fighter pilot, a repair technician, and interstellar merchant, a political leader, or anything else you can imagine.  And best of all, it all takes place in the well-established and HUGE BattleTech universe!  Again, in Adrian Spoint's story, all the stuff outside of combat was done in MechWarrior.


If you're just starting out, we suggest you purchase these items.  It will give you the best base for playing the game, at a minimum cost to you.

If you'd like to learn more about the BattleTech universe, then we suggest you read the Warrior Trilogy (for the early days of BattleTech), the Blood of Kerensky trilogy (for the mid period, when the Clans first appeared), and the Twilight of the Clans sequence, which brings the BattleTech universe up to the "present."  (The game world present is about the year 3061.  All these books are available from our bookstore.

Full Listing

And now, on to the full game listing itself!  We've tried to include every game book or set we could dig up.  If you have any information that's not on our site (old products we missed, dates we don't have, etc.) please let us know.  We'll include it in our next web site revision, and if you like, we can credit you and provide an email or Web link.


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