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Rec.Games.Mecha is a USENET newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of "Giant Robot" games. BattleTech figures prominently among these. In early 1997, I performed some polls to see who plays what unit on this newsgroup. This list started as the list of people who responded. It has been growing ever since.

Anyone who plays the BattleTech board game or the MechWarrior RPG can get a listing here, so long as they have a character that they regularly (often, occasionally, rarely, used to ... ) play.  However, this list is not designed as a contact list for the computer game players; there are other sites out there dedicated to the computer game that would much better serve your needs. 

The list is sorted alphabetically by nation or allegiance. Clans are sorted by the Clan name (i.e.: Clan Wolf is under W, not C.) Player's names are in (parentheses).

Player's names are linked so you can send them e-mail; character or unit names are linked to additional information on that person or unit. I only included the info if it was sent to me, or publicly posted on the newsgroup. If anyone would like to add some info about their character, or would like me to link to a home page, or to remove a link, the extra info, or e-mail address, let me know, and I'll get it done ASAP.

If you wish to be added to the list below, send me e-mail, or use the Web Page Form. The names won't be posted automatically, though; I have to update them manually later on.

Capellan Players
ComStar Players
Draconis Combine Players
FedCom Players
Federated Suns Players
Free Rasalhague Players
Free Worlds Players
Ghost Bear Players
Ice Hellion Players
Lyran Alliance Players
Lyran Commonwealth Players
Star League Players
St. Ives Compact Players
Steel Viper Players
Clan Wolf Players
Clan Wolf-in-Exile Players
Clan Wolverine Players
Freelance Mercenaries
Special Cases


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