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GamesNet Enterprises USA and GamesNet Innovations Customer Internet Privacy Statement

Version 1.02, Effective April 1, 2001

Summary of changes from version 1.01

  • Made the policy applicable to the domain.
  • Incorporated references to GamesNet Innovations.
  • Removed information on sub-sites that no longer exist.
  • Updated information on sub-sites that have moved.
  • Updated requirements that a name and email address must be submitted when submitting an article.  They may be withheld from the site at your request, but we must have them for our records.


Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will help you understand how GamesNet Enterprises USA and GamesNet Innovations (collectively, "GamesNet") collect, use and safeguard the personal information you provide to us on our site. This policy applies to the entire and domains.

I. Information collected online

Any business finds it beneficial to learn how well its Web site is working. GamesNet is no exception. As a result, we log all visits to our Web site. Our servers automatically collect the following information about our visitors:

  • IP address
  • Computer name (typically, the name assigned you by your ISP, such as
  • Domain name
  • Page(s) visited on our site
  • Length of stay at each page
  • Browser version (Name and version number)
  • Browser capabilities (e.g., Java, JavaScript, cookies, frames, etc.)
  • Local date and time (the time at your computer; i.e., your time zone)
  • Referring page (the page that sent you to our Web site)
  • Screen resolution and color depth
  • Plug-ins installed
  • Operating system
  • Language and country

We may also record or track other information that can be derived from the above items, such as the order in which you move through our site.

In addition, certain portions of our site request that users voluntarily enter information about themselves. This information includes:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Age or date of birth
  • Gender
  • Game-playing habits
  • Telephone number
  • Fax Number
  • Home Page (URL)
  • Address
  • Occupation and company OR school and homeroom

On the BattleTech Players Worldwide page, our visitors may also choose to submit information about their role-playing characters.

Our WebMaster has chosen not to use cookies or require mandatory registration at our site. However, it is possible that some of our advertisers, affiliates, associates, or partner sites may introduce cookies or require registration. In particular, many of the links on our site lead to e-commerce sites. These sites have their own privacy policies, and GamesNet cannot be held responsible for them.

(A cookie is a small piece of information about you or your computer that is stored on your computer. Common uses for cookies include identifying your browser and delivering compatible pages, tracking your registration and progress through a site, or keeping track of items you've ordered at a site. Once again, we do not use cookies at our site.)

II. How we use or share the information we collect

First and foremost, we absolutely DO NOT sell any information about our visitors to anyone, under any circumstances.

The information listed above as collected automatically is recorded each time a user requests (visits) one of our pages. The information listed above as voluntary is only recorded if the user chooses to submit it to us.

Once that information is submitted or recorded, that information becomes the property of GamesNet Enterprises USA. That information may be released in aggregate format to third parties with an interest in our Web site. We will not release personally identifying information to anyone unless required to do so by law or by a valid court order.

There are a few minor exceptions to the above rule. If you submit any information for inclusion in the BattleTech Players Worldwide page, the information you submit will be posted on the Web site and will be visible to everyone. You may at any time contact us and ask that your listing be removed, and we will do so at once.

Furthermore, if you submit an article for posting on our Web site, we will include your name and email address. You may also choose to have us include a link to your home page.  At your request, we will withhold your name and/or email address.  However, if we post your article, we must have your real name and email address for our records.

Many of our tracking and logging services are outsourced to other companies. As a result, these other companies may be able to collect some data about you. We carefully scrutinize every company before we choose to work with them, and we feel that our current partners and associates are all very reliable. If you have concerns about any particular company with whom we have dealings, please let us know at once and we will investigate the matter.

The information that we collect may be stored by us for a variable period of time. In some cases, we delete the information within 24 hours; in others, we store the information for years. Typically, log records (information collected automatically) are maintained for at least one year, while voluntary submissions are kept for 6 months. Articles and submissions may remain posted indefinitely.

One exception concerns email addresses. Usually, when we collect your email address, we will include an option to add you to our mailing list. If you select that option, your name and email address will not be removed from our mailing list unless you ask us to, or we receive a "bounce" message from your email server. (A "bounce" message is a response from your server informing us that the email address we sent the message to (yours) is invalid. This usually indicates that your email account has been cancelled or is no longer active.)

III. Choices regarding the marketing uses of the collected information

As GamesNet collects very little personally identifying information, we do not have an automated system for removal from our databases.

If you wish to be removed from our email list, simply let us know and you will never hear from us again. (We will, however, send you one last confirmation email.)

If you wish your entry to be removed from the RGM listing or any of our publicly accessible online forums, just email us and we'll immediately remove it.

If you have an article posted on our site, we will post at least your name and email address on the article. If you wish to post your article anonymously, please contact the articles editor ahead of time.

We cannot "block" our system from logging the automatically-collected information about you that we've listed above.

IV. Consumer inquiries about information or our privacy policy

If you have any questions or concerns about out privacy policy or our site, or if you wish to be removed from our mailing list, simply contact the WebMaster. He may be reached by email or through many of the message links on our site.

V. How we protect your information

Our site is hosted at one of the largest hosting companies in the world. We feel that their security system is very robust and reliable. They have extensive anti-hacking measures in place, and we have full confidence in their security.

Once the information is removed from the online servers, it is stored in a system that is usually off-line. This system is protected from unauthorized Internet access by a variety of firewalls and proxy servers.

(For security reasons, we cannot elaborate any more than this.)

VI. Changes to our privacy policy

If we feel it is necessary to update our privacy policy, we will post the new version on our site. The new policy becomes effective as of the date indicated (usually the same date it is posted).  Our policy may change at any time without prior notice.

The most recent version of our policy can always be found at the following URL:



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