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Let GamesNet design the best computer for YOU!  We specialize in custom-designing PC's that best serve our customers.  We don't have any "stock" models, or parts that are years out of date.  In fact, all we do is consult for you -- we discuss your specific needs, review your budget, and make suggestions on how you can get more for your money.

GamesNet offers two services, computer design and computer purchase.

Computer Design

For a flat fee of Dhs. 300, we will help you to understand the process of building your personal dream machine.  We can explain even the most complicated terms in plain English.  By the time we get through, you'll know your CPU slot from your AGP slot, and whether you should avoid both 800MHz and 100Mhz RAM, instead purchasing PC133 DIMMs.  (Don't worry if it sounds like a foreign language -- it's actually quite easy to understand!)

Once you are comfortable with the terminology, we'll work with you to assemble a list of the "ideal" parts that best serve your needs.   Are you a dedicated gamer?  We'll let you know the best video card for your budget.  A pro software engineer?  We'll get you the best CPU and operating system deals.  Need a machine just to browse the 'Net, write some letters, and play Solitaire?  We can help you save money.   Just let us know your needs, and we'll find the best computer for you.

For further information, please email us, and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Computer Purchase

In addition to our custom design, we can also help you look for and purchase the PC of your dreams.  For a flat fee of Dhs. 500, we will design your PC (as described above), then hit the road to find you the best deals.  We know the secret hangouts of the low prices, and which dealers are reputable and trustworthy.  We constantly search the city and the Internet for the best deals, so we know exactly what each component costs.  In some cases, we may even advise you to purchase your PC from overseas!  We can help you bargain with the dealers you choose to ensure that you get exactly what you want, for a price that fits your budget -- not the dealer's!

For more information, just email us, and we'll set up an appointment just for you!


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