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Adrian's Story

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Here is a list of all Adrian's adventures, arranged in chronological order.

Adrian's History (3027-3047)

Background to Adrian's Story (Author's notes)

Adrian's Trial of Position (3047)

Aftermath (3048-3049)

First Battle: The Rock (3049)
[To be written]

First Nova Command: The Edge (3050)
[To be written]

Pivotal Role: The Battles for Feltre (3050)
[To be written]

The Un-Battle: Ferleiten (3050)
[To be written]

The Year of Truce:
Promotions and Mystery (3050-3051)
[Still being written, but pop in for a preview, anyway!]

Maetsu: Battle for Support (Late 3051)
[Still being written, but pop in for a preview, anyway!]

Skandia: Revelation of a Mystery (Feb. 3052)
[To be written]

Tukayyid: The Mother of All Battles!

Tukayyid, Part II
[Still being written, but pop in for a preview, anyway!]

Adrian's Command at Tukayyid
SuperNova Second as configured for Tukayyid

Post-Tukayyid: Life goes on ...

Call to Trial: A bloodname opens up!
[To be written]

Final Battle: A Friendly Challenge

Trip to Solaris


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