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Second-Line BattleMechs

Tonnage Clan Name IS Name Tonnage Clan Name IS Name
20 Fire Moth Dasher 20 Howler Baboon
20 Piranha (none) 25 Locust IIc (same)
25 Fire Falcon (none) 30 Incubus Vixen
25 Mist Lynx Koshi 35 Horned Owl Peregrine
30 Kit Fox Uller 35 Jenner IIc (same)
30 ??? Hankyu 40 Griffin IIc (same)
35 Adder Puma 45 Shadow Hawk IIc (same)
40 Battle Cobra (none) 50 Conjurer Hellhound
40 Phantom (none) 50 Hunchback IIc (same)
40 Pouncer (none) 55 Vapor Eagle Goshawk
40 Viper Dragonfly 60 Glass Spider Galahad
45 Ice Ferret Fenris 60 Thresher (none)
45 ??? Grendel 65 Rifleman IIc (same)
45 ??? Shadow Cat 70 Grizzly (none)
50 Nova Black Hawk 75 Black Python Viper
50 Huntsman Nobori-Nin 80 Phoenix Hawk IIc (same)
55 Black Lanner (none) 80 Warhammer IIc (same)
55 Stormcrow Ryoken 85 Marauder IIc (same)
60 Mad Dog Vulture 90 Supernova (none)
65 Cauldron-Born (none) 100 Bane Kraken
65 Crossbow (none) 100 Stone Rhino Behemoth
65 Hellbringer Loki
65 Linebacker (none)
70 Summoner Thor
75 Night Gyr (none)


75 Timber Wolf Mad Cat
80 Gargoyle Man O' War n/a Elemental Toad
80 Naga (none)
85 Warhawk Masakari
90 Kingfisher (none)
95 Executioner Gladiator
95 Turkina (none)
100 Dire Wolf Daishi


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