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Upon the defeat of the Clans at Tukayyid at the hands of ComStar, Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht returned to Terra to confront then Primus Myndo Waterly about her Operation Scorpion, an attempt to turn the entire Inner Sphere over to the Clans and convinced Waterly to step down from the Primacy. One week later, the First Circuit elected Sharilar Mori, Precentor Dieron, as Primus.

In protest, Demona Aziz, Precentor Atreus and a member of the First Circuit during Operation Scorpion, under the assumption that Focht staged an illegal coup d'etat, left Terra with her staff and a cadre of followers agreeing with her conservative interpretation of Jerome Blake's works.

Meeting with Thomas Marik on Atreus, she convinced the Captain-General to grant her followers sanctuary in the Free Worlds League. Using ROM agents loyal to her, Precentor Aziz sent messages to every HPG station across the Inner Sphere, inviting all ComStar members who rejected the new ways in favor of the old to join her in exile. As ComStar refugees flooded into the Free Worlds League, Marik granted the Word of Blake splinter group a landhold on the world of Gibson.

All Word of Blake factions agree on a few points. They decry ComStar and its members as heretics for defying the ancient doctrines clamed to be the writings of Jerome Blake. The denounce as forgeries the recently discovered writings of Blake and mourn ComStar as lost, destroyed from inside, claiming that salvation is only possible by fleeing from ComStar's "corrupted vision" and joining the Word of Blake.

As most of ROM defected with Aziz, the Word of Blake is observed at every level by their ROM organization, searching out ComStar infiltrators and disloyal members, dealing with them as they see fit.

Fielding slightly more than four divisions of troops, the Blake Guards retain the standard Com Guard numbering and are all currently stationed on Gibson.

Headed by the Primus-in-exile Thomas Marik, notable personalities in the Word of Blake organization include Precentor Blane of Gibson, Precentor Martial Trent Arian, Precentor ROM Alexander Kernoff, and radical Toyama faction leader Precentor Demona Aziz.

This data file was originally obtained from the BattleTech 3056 MUSE. It was originally converted to HTML by Michael J. Flynn of The Company Store and Team SPAM! who believe "Information is in the noise!"


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