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Founded in 2788 by the Blessed Jerome Blake, ComStar guards and maintains the hyperpulse generator communications network and other valuable technologies developed during humanity's golden age, guarding knowledge that might have been lost forever were it not for the foresight of our Blessed Founder.

Blake recognized two great responsibilities in the wake of the collapse of the Star League: preserving as much of the currently available technological knowledge as possible, and preventing the Successor States from seizing the interstellar communications network and misusing it to destroy each other. In 2788, Blake took control of Terra and declared it a neutral world. He offered secure interstellar communication to all Successor States that would pledge to respect the neutrality of the hyperpulse generator stations and personnel. The Inner Sphere leaders recognized that open communications were crucial to their survival, agreed to Blake's demands, and the blessed order of ComStar was born. Blake created the First Circuit to administer ComStar's affairs and fostered a "secret brotherhood" mentality among ComStar's members in order to keep the secrets of the Star League safe.

After Blake's death in 2819, Conrad Toyama of Dieron took control of ComStar. He replaced its corporate structure with a rigid, religious hierarchy, and shrouded its activities in mystic rituals. Toyama declared himself Primus, the highest authority in ComStar, bequeathing that august title and its responsibilities to every leader of ComStar who followed him.

Initially, Primus Toyama's carefully crafted religious mystery served Blake's vision by fostering the belief that the sacred magic of HPG transmissions could only be wielded by ComStar adepts, ensuring that no Successor State would attempt to take control the Star League's technological legacy. One faction of ComStar gradually forgot the true meaning of Blake's vision, however, convinced that its mission lay in conquering humanity rather than protecting it. These apostates reached the zenith of their power under Primus Myndo Waterly, who nearly succeeded in handing the Inner Sphere to the Clans.

Only Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht's intervention prevented Myndo Waterly from destroying humanity in order to save it. Focht, a true disciple of Blake and and a long-time opponent of Waterly, ended her misguided rule by forcing her retirement from the primacy. Waterly's successor, Sharilar Mori, had launched a much-needed reform of our blessed Order. Under the leadership of Primus Mori and the Precentor Martial, ComStar has returned to fulfilling its original purpose as the enlightened guardians of the Inner Sphere.

While the true followers of Blake continue their divine mission, the blasphemers, known as the "Word of Blake," under the leadership of the so-called "Primus-in-Exile," the heretic Thomas Marik, serve as an annoying hindrance to the progress made by Primus Mori and the Precentor Martial. With their senseless acts of terrorism and straying from the one true word of the Blessed Blake, they continue to work to prevent us in fulfilling our divine mission of the preservation of the wondrous technological legacy of the Star League, and the prevention of a new dark age for humanity, as seen by the Blessed Blake.

ComStar is dedicated to fulfilling a single, divine mission: preserving the glorious Star League's technological legacy in order to prevent a new dark age from falling across the entire Inner Sphere.

Working against the ravages of war and the greed of the Successor State rulers, we have but the Word of our blessed founder Blake, and the wonders of the technology we seek to preserve to defend against the corruption of the Inner Sphere and the threat of the Clan invaders, who with their genetically engineered warriors and advanced technology, have nearly succeeded where the Successor Lords have failed: in the destruction of humanity.

This data file was originally obtained from the BattleTech 3056 MUSE. It was originally converted to HTML by Michael J. Flynn of The Company Store and Team SPAM! who believe "Information is in the noise!"

Some graphics obtained from Leigh "Mad Dog" Brunk's page, Giant Robots Blew Up My Website! Many thanks to him for the generous permission to use them on this site.


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