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With the coming of the Succession Wars, much of the Periphery stability broke down under the pressure of rival warring factions, both internal and external. From 2800 to 3000, hundreds of nation-states rose and fell in the Periphery, only to be replaced by still other powers, many no larger than a single world or continent. Although a rare few have managed to win a measure of comfort and security, their populations remain mostly down- trodden wretches scrabbling for mere existence.

[Editor's Note: For your convenience, below is a list of the independent planets and nations:]

Barony of Strang
Elysian Fields
Franklin Territories
Illyrian Palatinate
The Lothian League
The Mica Majority
New St. Andrews
Niops Association
Port Krin

3050 Update


Lying between the Marian Hegemony and the Free Worlds League, Astrokaszy is a planet with a distinctly Arabic ambiance. Inhabited by bands of roving hunters and slavers, it is divided into a number of local "Caliphates" under the control of local suzerains. The largest of these is the Caliphate of Omar Shervanis, a fifth-generation descendant of the mercenary leader who settled Astrokaszy in 2892 after breaking a contract with his Free Worlds League employers.

Caliph Shervanis has a well-deserved reputation for avarice and sadism, and his favorite pastime is seizing the dominions of neighboring Pashas. Captives taken in battle by the Caliphate's nomadic hordes are typically slain in a variety of ritualistic blood-lettings, which are staged as gala spectacles for the amusement of Shervanis's subjects. Shervanis maintains power through his possession of the planet's only BattleMechs, two aging Clints and a Warhammer, which are the remains of his grandfather's mercenary force.

For all his ruthlessness, Shervanis is a crafty statesman. Since murdering his father in 2992, the Caliph has encouraged visits from the occasional off-world trader and has permitted the establishment of a ComStar facility within his domains. Shervanis has been angling for increased ties with the Free Worlds League, with an eye toward trading a wealth of precious stones and spices for additional BattleMechs and trained MechWarriors, which would permit further aggressive expansion against his neighbors. Not surprisingly, many of Shervanis's rivals have also decided to open trade with the Inner Sphere to secure a similar arrangement. ComStar has attempted to reintegrate the inhabitants into the interstellar community by introducing non-military technologies and reeducation programs. To date, these efforts have met with only marginal success, as the various Pashas and desert sheiks of Astrokaszy continue to vie for dominance.

World Name: Astrokaszy
Star Type: G4V
Position in System: 3
Time to Jump Point: 7.98 days
Recharging Station: None
Noble Ruler: Varies from region to region
ComStar Facility Class: B
ComStar Representative: Precentor Girindas Blaine
Population: 200,000-500,000 (estimated)
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 10%, Mammal
Huge bands of semi-barbarian nomads under the control of various Caliphs inhabit this dry wind-swept world. The Caliphate cities contain some notable remnants of technology, and a few even have the ability to manufacture munitions and energy weapons. For the most part, however, technology is on the decline all across the planet.

The inhabitants of Astrokaszy are the descendants of a mercenary band, the Crimson Reapers, that fought with the Free Worlds League until several Warrior House regiments of the Capellan Confederation mauled it. After breaking their contract with House Marik, the survivors raided several Marik supply centers before making their way into the Periphery, where they settled Astrokaszy in 2892.

The typical Astrokaszi is a fearless fighter and a lover of blood sports, who still practices the warrior life and philosophy of his ancestors. Indeed, since the planet's founding, the surviving population fragmented as it expanded, as charismatic leaders rose to form their own self-imposed rule. Many of Astrokaszy's cities still show a marked Moslem influence because of the influence of the original Crimson Reapers, many of whom were Moslem. The result is a collection of jeweled oases reminiscent of the Arabian Nights, though with a decidedly sinister aspect.

Barony of Strang

Located outside of the Lyran Commonwealth, the Barony of Strang (sometimes referred to as the Barony of Lost Hope) is a small planet ruled by the self-proclaimed Baron Otto Von Strang. The Baron is a descendant of Colonel Gunthar Strang, commander of the 18th Amaris Chasseurs, one of the last 'Mech forces that General Aleksandr Kerensky defeated in the Civil War. The current Baron Von Strang dreams of gathering enough MechWarriors to launch a Holy War of Redemption to reclaim the lost Rim Worlds Republic planets once ruled by the Amarises. While few seriously believe him capable of carrying out such a threat (most consider him a glorified crackpot), his family fortune, augmented by local diamond mines, is sufficient to lure the occasional MechWarrior into his service. Von Strang heartily despises anything pertaining to the old Star League government, and he extends this prejudice to all things originating from the Inner Sphere. Any material (or persons) arriving on his holdfast from the Inner Sphere is subject to immediate seizure and imprisonment.

Von Strang has turned his planet into a gigantic fortified camp to repel the "inevitable" invasion from the Inner Sphere. That is also how he justifies keeping the planet's civilians in a feudal bond to local Wardens, providing labor and related services for sustenance. In recent years, Von Strang's forces, estimated at over a full battalion of BattleMechs with two DropShips and a JumpShip, have begun raiding Lyran Commonwealth outposts along the border. Though the Lyrans have ignored the attacks to date, at some point, they may decide to confront Von Strang head to head.

World Name: Von Strang's World
Star Type: F5111
Position In System: 4
Time to Jump Point: 14.93 days
Recharging Station: None
Noble Ruler: Baron Otto Von Strang
ComStar Facility Class: None
ComStar Representative: None
Population: 18,000-20,000 (estimated)
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 20%, Mammal
A temperate world Iying along the edge of the defunct Rim Worlds Republic, Von Strang's World is home to descendants of Stefan Amaris's supporters. The present population consists of literate artisans and feudal laborers devoted to the construction and maintenance of hundreds of fortifications. What once may have been a necessary defensive measure has devolved into an archaic social imperative used to justify the continued subordination of the majority to the wishes of the Von Strang family. At present, the planet is believed to hold over 18,000 inhabitants. Outside contact is discouraged, and few who visit Von Strang's World have returned. Those who have report the planet poor in natural resources and its populace poor in individual freedoms.

Elysian Fields:

An oddity even among the strange worlds of the Periphery, Elysian Fields is a private hold of the Inheritor philosophic movement. The Elysian worlds (Elissa, Mangringaine, and Nyserta) are temperate planets maintained in their pristine wilderness state. The people support themselves mainly as hunters and gatherers. Forswearing any military presence on their worlds, the Inheritors have entered into an agreement with the Oberon Confederation whereby Hendrik III guarantees to protect these planets in exchange for emergency repair and shore-leave rights for Oberon ships and personnel. As the Elysian worlds have no commercial or geological value, few see any need to violate their sanctity. In the last several years, however, Nyserta has hosted a number of clandestine meetings between representatives of Hendrik Grimm and various Inner Sphere governments. Recently, the Inheritors have established a small colony in the neighboring star system of Porthos, though that world has not yet come under the protection of Hendrik III.

World Name: Nyserta
Star Type: A9III
Position in System: 2
Time to Jump Point: 23.76 days
Recharging Station: None
Political Ruler: Warden Akir Dobuguq
ComStar Facility Class: None
ComStar Representative: None
Population: 43,000
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 15%, Plant
A nondescript world boasting few natural resources, Randis is the home of a band of Knights-Templars, MechWarriors who have joined a pseudo-religious order, the Brotherhood of Randis, dedicated to the perpetuation of the art of war. To members of this order, the MechWarrior is the culmination of the history of armed combat. They avoid all other forms of combat as contemptible and "unchivalrous." Indeed, the members of the Brotherhood have dedicated their lives, their fortunes, and their families to this code.

Although the Brotherhood consists largely of individuals who have rejected all other social systems, it also contains many burned-out and washed-up MechWarriors with nowhere else to go. Thus, though the Brotherhood's ideals may hold some merit, its military competence is questionable. At present, less than three thousand individuals occupy Randis, and best estimates place the number of serviceable BattleMechs on the planet at less than twelve, mostly lighter types of dubious quality.

World Name: Randis
Star Type: K4V
Position in System: 2
Time to Jump Point: 4.34 days
Recharging Station: None
Noble Ruler: Grand Knight Jacob Ben Volcroth
ComStar Facility Class: B
ComStar Representative: Precentor Adrien Brix
Population: 3,000-5,000 (estimated)
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 30%, Fish
A warm tropical world located in the stellar desert between the Taurian Concordat and the Outworlds Alliance, Randis has some modest importance as a stop-over point for traders plying Periphery spacelanes. Occupied in 2988 by Erdelmaine Randis, the planet has since become the home of a theocratic band of MechWarriors from all parts of the Inner Sphere. The Brotherhood provides a home, security for one's family, and a secure (if modest) economic base. Occasionally, it contracts out to neighboring systems, where local brush wars provide ample opportunity for the brethren to hone their skills. At present, some three to five thousand people inhabit the planet. Most are unskilled laborers used to clear the central rain forests for the construction of repair facilities that, in time, will net much-needed revenues. In the two generations of the Brotherhood's existence, little has been done to industrialize the planet. All are concerned only with the continued training of MechWarriors to the exclusion of practically everything else.

Franklin Territories:

Situated along the border of the Outworlds Alliance near the Fiefdom of Randis, Novo Franklin is an agricultural world where feudal warlords exploit their family serfs. There are no less than 55 separate kingdoms, principalities, baronies, fiefdoms, and domains, each held together by a system of social rights and obligations (almost all of which are imposed on the peasant). Lords and ladies of the territories are given to ritualistic combats (BattleMech jousts are a common entertainment for the masses) and bashing in the heads of their subjects and sometimes each other to enforce family interests. As such, the planet is continually at war; only the occasional desperate peasant revolt interrupts the border wars between warlords. Social and scientific progress are all but absent. The majority of the planet's population of 100,000 persons remain illiterate and poor. Best estimates suggest a full battalion of various BattleMechs on the planet, but these are dispersed among dozens of political states over half the northern continent. It is unlikely that any state could muster more than two lances.

World Name: Novo Franklin
Star Type: F6V
Position in System: 8
Time to Jump Point: 13.87 days
Recharging Station: None
Nobel Ruler: Various petty kings
ComStar Facility Class: B
ComStar Representative: Precentor Hadror Ninn
Population: 100,000
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 10%, Reptile
A hot, agricultural world known for its long summers and mild winters, Novo Franklin was settled in 2598 by refugees from the Outworlds Alliance who were fleeing Kurita invaders. Unable to decide on a common form of government, the refugees broke up into diverse factions, each going their own way. During the following centuries, these various groups evolved into a starkly feudalized system. Now the majority of the planet's inhabitants are bound to serving the needs of a privileged minority capable of enforcing its will with BattleMechs.



Founded in the late 2600s, Herotitus has the dubious distinction of being the center of the New Hedon movement, one of several Periphery philosophical sects that have sprung up in the last 50 years. Located between the Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat, Herotitus is one of the few worlds in the Periphery that does not support a standing military. Instead, the inhabitants of Herotitus, the New Hedons, support a simple philosophy of "eat, drink, and be merry and let some other fool die fighting." In the decades since its founding, the entire planet has been given over to here-and-now enjoyment of earthly pleasures. Though not as elaborate as the Canopian Magistracy worlds in their prime, Herotitus is an oasis of sensual pleasures, which are supported by heavy trade tariffs and duties. Though occupied more than once in its history, Herotitus has remained untouched by the ravages of time and Inner Sphere conflicts. Meanwhile, the popular adage is still true: "On Herotitus, anything goes, and usually does."

World Name: Herotitus
Star Type: G3IV
Position in System: 2
Time to Jump Point: 8.52 days
Recharging Station: Nadir
Political Ruler: Gabriel Fur' Seng-Gang, President of the Council of Herotitus Libertines
ComStar Facility Class: B
ComStar Representative: Precentor Maxwell Klanis
Population: 240,000
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 20%, Reptile
Herotitus lies athwart the trade routes of the Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat. Prior to the Reunification War, both governments organized a joint settlement there in a rare example of mutual development. Left largely to themselves, the inhabitants developed a stable agricultural community until philosophical dissidents from the Taurian Concordat arrived in 2997. These New Hedons conquered the planet, which quickly became a mirror image of Canopian pleasure planets. Though contested by the Magistracy, the Concordat, and the Capellan Confederation, the planet remains mostly untouched by the ravages of the Succession Wars. None wish to destroy one of the few remaining centers of pleasure left in the Periphery.


Illyrian Palatinate:

The Illyrian Palatinate is a collection of four worlds lying between the Circinus Federation and the Lothian League. Ruled by an oligarchy of rich trading families, the Palatinate survives through modest trade with the Free Worlds League, primarily in iron ore and processed steel. The Scandinavian descendants of the original 24th-century colonists maintain a precarious hold on their star systems against continued depredations by the Circinus Federation. At present, their military consists of a minuscule trading fleet and several companies of BattleMechs, mostly mercenaries and officers who have fled the Inner Sphere for one reason or another. Supplementing the Palatinate's revenues are large sums of cash earned from staging annual MechWarrior games, in which contestants battle to the death for salvaged BattleMechs and spare parts.

World Name: Illyria
Star Type: G4V
Position in System: 3
Time to Jump Point: 7.98 days
Recharging Station: Zenith
Political Ruler: Various family leaders
ComStar Facility Class: B
ComStar Representative: Precentor Adrien Clothos
Population: 190,000
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 15%, Mammal
The center of the Illyrian Palantinate, Illyria supports a small shipbuilding center on its southern continent. The population, largely individuals of Scandinavian ancestry, spend much of their time scavenging for stores of Star League equipment thought to be on the planet. To date, some modest amounts of equipment have been recovered, and there is evidence that Illyria may once have hosted a Star League 'Mech repair facility. Reports of stashes of serviceable BattleMechs along the northern territories remain unsupported, however.

The Lothian League:

The Lothian League is a collection of seven ice-and-snow planets located beyond the outer reaches of the Lyran Commonwealth. The League ruler is Dame Lorelei Logan, "the Ice Maiden" and the direct descendant of Angelina Logan (leader of a group of patriots from the Taurian Concordat who fled into deep space to avoid capture by the Star League). Settled in 2691, Lothario, the capital of the Lothian League, was discovered to be rich in metals. In the last century, these have been used to foster expansion deeper into the Periphery to form a confederation, with the Logan family at its head.

The only serious threat to the League's existence came in 2933, when renegade mercenaries from units shattered in the latest round of Succession War fighting stumbled upon the League quite by accident. For four years, both sides conducted a series of raids and counter-raids until, at long last, the mercenaries left to seek easier prey elsewhere. These actions cost the League its few JumpShips and damaged what little industry on Lothario had managed to emerge over the last three centuries. This destruction forced the ruling Logan family to renew trade ties with other planets of the Periphery in a desperate effort to avoid economic ruin. In the last century, the League has become a principal supplier of copper and iron ores to the Magistracy and the Taurian Concordat, receiving in turn agricultural and mining equipment to sustain its fragile existence.

Though on good terms with her Illyrian and Circinian counterparts, the Ice Maiden wants little to do with the Houses of the Inner Sphere. She has limited contact with the Inner Sphere to contract with small mercenary bands to defend League worlds against raids from the Marion Hegemony. At present, the Lothian League has two mercenary battalions within its territories, though the identity and quality of these units are unknown.

The typical Lothian citizen is a rugged individualist who wants little to do with the universe at large. As long as he and his family can eke out a marginal living, he is content to let the rest of the universe pound itself to dust. Literacy and technology levels are low, but the average standard of living is surprisingly adequate. The Lothian League remains an archetypical example of the old adage: let sleeping dogs lie.

World Name: Lothario
Star Type: M3III
Position in System: 2
Time to Jump Point: 2.69 days
Recharging Station: None
Noble Ruler: Lorelei Logan, Grand Mistress of the Lothian League
ComStar Facility Class: None
ComStar Representative: None
Population: 2,020,000
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 20%, Mammal
The capital of the seven-member Lothian League, Lothario is typical of the other worlds of the League. This small world has a thin atmosphere and is perpetually covered in ice and snow, with only marginal zones of habitation centered upon the planet's equator. A rather beautiful world, it is known for its spectacular aurora arising from the frequently intense solar winds of its parent sun.

Lothario exports large quantities of furs, iron, and copper ores to worlds within the Magistracy and Taurian Concordat. Indeed, its trapping industry has created impressive revenues as demand for the rich pelts has grown in the last century. Most of the planet's inhabitants exist in subterranean conclaves, though a few hardy souls continue to scrape out sustenance on the planet's surface, fiercely defending their small agricultural plots. The average Lotharian is highly territorial and suspicious of any off-worlder.

The Mica Majority:

The Mica Majority consists of three mineral-rich worlds located near the Delos IV star system between the Federated Suns and the Outworlds Alliance. Known for their extensive deposits of gold, uranium, and other precious minerals, Mica ll, V, and Vll each have a harsh arctic climate that makes mining operations costly. With only the thinnest of atmospheres, the Micanites must live in pressurized dome-towns, similar to the raucous Yukon-Klondike towns of Terran North America. Miners, drifters, bartenders, and assorted ne'er-do-wells vie with one another to cash in on newfound wealth (or at least live long enough to spend some of it).

Ore from the mining fields is collected at central distribution points and shipped out to the system's Jump Point every summer when scores of merchants from the Federated Suns and the Outworlds Alliance arrive to trade with the Micanites. For several weeks and even months, thousands of miners compete against, barter with, steal from, drink with, lie to, wench with, gamble with, win from, and lose to merchants and other miners aboard the Micanite Space Center (built in the waning days of the Star League). Thus do the neighboring systems of the Federated Suns and the Outworlds Alliance gain badly needed resources at one tenth the price asked by Inner Sphere mining concerns. For their part, the miners receive machinery and modern conveniences, clothing and chemicals, brandies and brides, all of which they need to continue their precarious existence. Given time, a more stabilized form of economic exchange may develop. For the time being, however, both sides are satisfied with the present arrangement.

World Names: Mica ll, V, Vll
Star Type: K3V
Positions in System: 2, 5, 7
Times to Jump Point: 4.3 days, 4.6 days, 5.1 days
Recharging Station: Zenith
Political Ruler: Various Dome Directors
ComStar Facility Class: B
ComStar Representative: Precentor Hurlock Jamis
Population: Mica ll, 45,000; Mica V, 255,000; Mica Vll, 38,000
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 10%, Mammal
The worlds of the Micanos star system are drab and barren wastelands perpetually covered with ice and snow and ravaged by fierce solar winds and occasional meteor showers. In such conditions, life is possible only under pressurized domes, which dot the mineral-rich Micanite worlds. These domes, varying from eight to twenty per planet, are a legacy of the Star League at its technological finest. The first Micanite settlers were involuntary laborers forcibly transferred there for their political opposition to the Kurita regime. Many did not even have the most elementary knowledge of geology or mining techniques, and most died within the first decade.

Located near the system's zenith jump point is a huge orbital complex constructed in the late 2600s when the vast resources of the system became known. With only brief interruptions during the Succession Wars, large-scale barter and trade between the descendants of the original Micanite laborers and the Inner Sphere have remained intact.

New St. Andrews:

A world of highland clans and Gaelic traditions, New St. Andrews hosts the remnants of the old Stewart Confederacy, which was conquered by the Free Worlds League. After fleeing the wrath of the Captain-General, the refugees were admitted into the Rim Worlds Republic. After fleeing the onslaught of General Kerensky's forces during the Amaris crisis, the survivors of the Brannigan, MacGregor, Sterling, and Stewart families withdrew to this remote world lying near the Circinus Federation. There, they licked their wounds and increased their numbers while the rest of the galaxy forgot that they had ever existed. In the years since New St. Andrews has been settled, the inhabitants have populated more than half the planet. Today, more than 120,000 people maintain an agrarian economy based on sheep-raising and horse-breeding.

Increased population pressures, political differences, and a scarcity of natural resources have combined to split the band of settlers. In the last century, there have been a series of limited but destructive border wars among the rival clans. With little technology to support them and only rare visits from wayward merchants to remind them of worlds beyond, the highlanders of New St. Andrews may one day descend into barbarity. If substantial contacts with these hearty mountaineers can be reestablished, however, the clans may develop a viable culture capable of adding social stability to the region.

World Name: New St. Andrews
Star Type: G4V
Position in System: 4
Time to Jump Point: 7.98 days
Recharging Station: None
Political Ruler: Various Clan Chieftains
ComStar Facility Class: None
ComStar Representative: None
Population: 212,000
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 10%, Reptile
New St. Andrews is a temperate world with vast mountain ranges extending the length of the northern and middle continents. Descendants of Scottish-Irish refugees, the inhabitants face over- population and dwindling resources (largely due to poor husbandry techniques). This lack of resources has sparked a series of clan rivalries over fresh water sites and grazing lands. The social order remains unstable, and lacking immediate aid from off-world sources, more than half the population can be expected to die within the next decade either because of warfare or famine.

Niops Association:

The Niops Association consists of three worlds Iying between the Circinus Federation and the Marian Hegemony. In mid-2700, Star League scientific research teams settled these planets to observe stellar evolution, but they became cut off from the Inner Sphere at the start of the Civil War. Contact was later renewed when refugees from the Capellan Confederation arrived at the close of the First Succession War. The tales of mass destruction and loss of life convinced the locals that they would be better off forgotten by the galaxy. While the scientific community on the planet continued their elaborate research, the Capellan newcomers were gradually absorbed into the social order as skilled laborers and agricultural specialists.

As the descendants of the science teams became increasingly influential over the semi-skilled laborers and farm hands, a scientific technocracy developed in the Niops planets. Gradually, the majority of the planets' populace bartered away their freedoms in exchange for guarantees of economic survival and education for their children. This last element became a powerful weapon, as the ruling elite saw education as a way to keep the masses in check.

With Star League technology at their disposal, the technocrats have developed a "Master Purpose" that has grown to semi-religious proportions. Maintaining a cold-blooded aristocracy, the privileged elite are loyal only to themselves and their own petty desires.

World Name: Niops Vll
Star Type: M5V
Position in System: 7
Time to Jump Point: 2.44 days
Recharging Station: None
Political Ruler: High Associator Brandex Da-Ri
ComStar Facility Class: None
ComStar Representative: None
Population: 13,245,000
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 30%, Fish
The capital of the Niops Association is a cold, temperate planet with abundant aquatic life and fresh water sources. Like its companion planets, Niops V and Vl, Niops Vll was settled so that scientists could establish the first generations-long examination of a failing star. Isolated by the events of the Civil War and later the Succession Wars, the Niops community polarized into a elite scientific minority and a dependent unskilled labor force made up of refugees from the Inner Sphere. With plenty of geothermal energy and fusion technologies at their disposal, the ruling elite provide comfortable standards of living for their multitudes of "retainers," but at the price of complete submission to their wills and their desires.

Port Krin:

Once a prosperous trade world located between the Outworlds Alliance and the Draconis Combine, Antallos has been sacked repeatedly during the Succession Wars for its depots of Star League technologies. The inhabitants of the planet have reverted to semi-barbarism, with Nomadic and Asian tribes holding sway on the planet's surface. Among these, the rulers of Port Krin, the planet's largest trading center, have imposed a social structure based on male domination and the widespread use of slaves.

Though much of the planet has been looted, there still exist largely unexplored pockets where Star League technology may still exist. Because roving bands of bandits control these areas, attempts to verify the existence of such technologies remain unsuccessful.

In recent months, the ruler of Port Krin, Controller Aden Vorax, has been negotiating with Draconis Combine officials for the acquisition of several large BattleMechs in exchange for the right to excavate possible sites of Star League depots. If such an arrangement develops, Port Krin could become the dominant political state on the planet, and the Combine could gain immeasurable scientific advantages.

World Name: Antallos
Star Type: K4IV
Position in System: 3
Time to Jump Point: 4.34 days
Recharging Station: None
Political Ruler: Various city-state rulers
ComStar Facility Class: B
ComStar Representative: Precentor Hadrian Long
Population: 1,800,000
Percentage and Level of Native Life: 20%, Avian
Settled in 2674, Antallos suffered repeated sacking by Kurita and various bandit forces. In the late 2800s, after several particularly savage Kurita raids destroyed over half of the population, the social structure of the planet fragmented into a collection of city-states, each advocating its own sociopolitical systems. During the last century, one of these city-states, Port Krin, rose to prominence through the use of slaves in its military forces. Over the years, they have transformed this economic system into a political system based on male dominance. Its viability depends on the fortunes of the Port Krin slavers, military tacticians, and their off-world dealings with House Kurita.

3050 Update:

[Prepared by Major C.G. Toho, Periphery expert for Wolfnet, Military Intelligence Division. Seventh Kommando]

Except for a modest military buildup in response to increased pirate activity, Periphery independents have changed little in the past 20 years.

This data file was originally obtained from the BattleTech 3056 MUSE. It was originally converted to HTML by Michael J. Flynn of The Company Store and Team SPAM! who believe "Information is in the noise!"


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