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Date Main Event Format Side Event Format Comments
January 18, 2002 Standard Booster Draft (3x Odyssey Boosters)  
February 1, 2002 Torment Prerelease
Sealed Deck
Torment Prerelease - Booster Draft
(1x Odyssey, 2x Torment Boosters)

Standard - Nationals Qualifier

On the day, we'll choose which side event to run.
February 15, 2002 Standard - Nationals Qualifier Rochester Draft
(3x Odyssey Boosters)
Torment is not yet legal.
March 1, 2002 Standard - Nationals Qualifier Booster Draft
(2x Odyssey, 1x Torment Boosters)
Torment is now legal!
March 15, 2002 Extended Rochester Draft
(2x Odyssey, 1x Torment Boosters)
March 29, 2002 Booster Draft
(2x Odyssey, 1x Torment Boosters)
April 11-12, 2002

UAE National Championships 2002

More coming soon!

December 6, 2001

Year-End Blowout - Standard

As always, the biggest tournament of the season promises a lot of thrills, exciting plays, and big prizes!  Keep an eye out for more details as the day approaches.

November 22, 2001

Odyssey Rochester Draft

Just to break up the momentum, this one will be a Rochester draft.  Hope you know the cards really well by now!

November 8, 2001


It's expected that Odyssey will be legal at this point.  If that's correct, legal sets will be 5th through 7th Edition and Ice Age through Odyssey.

October 25, 2001

Odyssey Booster Draft

Now that you've had a while to try out Odyssey, let's see what you've learned about it.  Three Odyssey boosters.

October 11, 2001


A fun tourney to try out the format before Odyssey becomes legal. Legal sets are 7th Ed. and Mercadian Masques through Apocalypse.

September 27, 2001

Odyssey Prerelease (Sealed)

The official date of the prerelease is Saturday & Sunday, September 22 & 23.  Therefore, this is the first day we can hold our prerelease.  Each player will receive one starter deck and three booster packs from which to construct a deck.  Decklists will be used.

September 13, 2001

Invasion-Block Booster Draft

Get some last-chance practice in with this format before we go mad for Odyssey.

June 7, 2001

Apocalypse Prerelease

The main event will be a three-booster Apocalypse draft, and the side event will be Invasion-block draft (that's one booster each of Invasion, Planeshift, and Apocalypse).

May 3-4, 2001

UAE Nationals

We have a champion!  For full information, check here.

May 11, 2001 -- Cancelled

Standard -- Cancelled due to Nationals

April 26, 2001

Rochester Draft -- 2-slot Nationals Qualifier

One Invasion and two Planeshift boosters.  Your last chance to practice this format before Nationals shows up.  Are you ready?

April 12, 2001

Extended -- 1-slot Nationals Qualifier

Still remember how to play constructed?  Make a brand-new Extended deck and show off your deck construction skills.  Planeshift has some awesome new cards that are perfect for Extended!

March 29, 2001

Booster Draft -- 1-slot Nationals Qualifier

One Invasion and two Planeshift boosters.  The first sanctioned Planeshift booster draft of the year.  Let's see how good you are at this format.  Bring your Extended decks for a side tournament

March 15, 2001

Standard -- 2-slot Nationals Qualifier

Straight-up Standard play.  Did you practice at the last tournament's side event?  This time, our side tournament will be a booster draft.

March 1, 2001

Rochester Draft -- 2-slot Nationals Qualifier

One Invasion and two Planeshift boosters.  See how Planeshift performs in the second format of Nationals.  Today's side tournament will be Standard, so bring your Standard decks with you. Planeshift is now tournament-legal.



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