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[Note: this page is under HEAVY development. It began life as an IRC chat session. I've put the session up here as is, and I'm editing it piecemeal. Some of it has been cleaned up, but the rest of it is still raw and unedited.


years of truce -- Red Corsair book "Assumption of Risk" about who would be in in his command star Trinary -- him, ranna, lagos, ragnar, and for the ilKhan to select someone-- Alita of the fourth wolf guards -- Winson bloodline


ilKhan wants others to learn more about IS -- Solaris has all nations -- why not

and of course, whimsy on Joel/s part

Intel / recon -- Mech designs, imp. people etc. Selected me presumably exclusively, maybe someone else.

No elementals except for security -- about a point. Too obvious to notice

going incognito,

Taking 1 jumpship, 2 dropships -- one with Clan Tech, one retro-fitted IS -- looks IS, but really Clan. Mechs, etc, go on other dropship. --

cover-- merc unit destroyed/shamed, coming to Sol to restart. -- quite a large stash of Clan Med Lasers, that can be traded. Also have c-bills. need to earn money to start unit.

Sara on board, no Mech.

probably Kelly, Patrick, Michael, and probably Grell. and Klen takes one point tactical, two points ship security, two points additional security,


Sara is said to be going


Mission is not very well known, but public that I have been assigned to the ilKhan's special command.


Take bondsman along ( former Captain Greg of the 12th Lyran Regulars)

details from log of final meeting from log.


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