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Background to Adrian

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[NOTE: In this page, it is always me (George Macoukji, not Adrian) speaking, so I won't bother with the italics -- easier for you to read this way! :-) ]

The Background to the Story

My character was developed after I read my first BattleTech novels. This was the awesome Blood of Kerensky trilogy by Michael Stackpole. After finishing them, I got to wondering how Clansmen would react to a freeborn being abruptly elevated in status, and not only that, but having that freeborn actually prove superior to many trueborns! Hence, the concept of Adrian was born.

Little did I know that someone had already though up this particular storyline. Robert Thurston had written a trilogy about a character named Aidan who is in much the same situation, but due to wildly differing circumstances. In his honor and acknowledgment, I named my character Adrian.

Adrian’s House name has something of a story behind it. As Joel, my Game Master (GM), and I were discussing my character, I was driving us to my house. We saw a sign about an area called Kingspoint. Joel cracked a joke about the possibility of having a real king whose given name was Spoint. Being a wisecracker, I retorted that I would never allow him to use Spoint as my character’s BloodName. Naturally, the name stuck.

I chose Clan Diamond Shark for several reasons. First, they are relatively friendly to Clan Wolf, and were more so before the invasion. Their beliefs about the conquest of the Inner Sphere are somewhat in line with Clan Wolf’s; and although they are primarily Crusaders now, a shift may have taken place once again after they withdrew from the current Inner Sphere conflict.

Second, they played a minor, back-seat role in the invasion, which meant that I could dig up information about them from the Invading Clans sourcebook. It is from here that I got the names of the Khans, and the information about Clan Diamond Shark’s voting procedures. Knowing about the Clan enables us to better sketch out who these people are.

Last, the current political situation of Clan Diamond Shark is an unknown — and hence, a major opportunity for story lines. For example, after winning my Bloodname, I might decide that I want to rejoin Clan Diamond Shark; or I might want to avenge my summarily-murdered brethren against the "Hand of Kerensky" faction. On the other hand, the merchant caste might have taken control after the military decline, which means that for the first time in Clan history a Clan is not led by warriors … How would the other Clans react? That, in turn, could lead to a rise in prominence by the scientist caste, which might choose to reintroduce the genetic engineering program ... Well, you get the idea.

Speaking of the program, we might assume that when the scientists of Clan Diamond Shark were balked by the vote, they teamed up with disgruntled scientists from the other Clans and started the cabal that becomes apparent in the book I Am Jade Falcon. Another storyline to explore?

Well, folks, that's as far as Adrian's story has gotten so far. As I role-play him some more, I'll post details of what happens to him. Be sure to let me know about any questions, ideas, criticisms, flames, whatever.


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