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January 17, 2002
Tournament Schedule updated
Our tournament schedule from now until mid-April has been posted.  Want to play in this year's Nationals?  Qualifiers are already scheduled...  Read more…

December 4, 2001
New Article: Advice on Drafting
In recent times, Jordan Gallant has become one of our top players.  He placed second in the top 8 of the last UAE Nationals, and has been winning or placing highly in most tournaments since.  In this new article, he shares with us some basic drafting advice (for both booster and Rochester drafts) that can help you get started on the same road he's taken.  Read more…

November 16, 2001
GamesNet Breaks Silence about Magic Online!
For the past two months or so, George Macoukji, the resident judge and WebMaster at GamesNet Innovations has been part of a select group of alpha-testers for a new online version of Magic: the Gathering.  Here is his report on how the game looks now, and what to expect in the near future.  Read more…

September 8, 2001
Odyssey Street Date is October 6, 2001
Want to buy the latest and greatest cards?  Odyssey goes on sale as of October 6.  Be sure to pick up enough of this great new expansion!

September 8, 2001
Odyssey Prerelease is September 27, 2001
The next big block in the Magic saga is Odyssey.  350 new cards should spice up game play and shake up the Standard environment.  We'll be kicking off our Odyssey tournaments with a sealed deck prerelease.  Each player will receive one Starter deck and two booster packs from which to build a deck.

May 26, 2001
Apocalypse Prerelease & Street Date is June 7, 2001
The date for the Apocalypse Prerelease is set to Thursday, June 7. This is slightly later than originally planned, but I feel this date will enable the most players to attend without fear of exams or other activities interfering with their plans.

The street date of Apocalypse is set to June 7 for the UAE. Sealed boxes and unopened boosters will be available for purchase at the normal price of Dhs. 400 per box and Dhs. 12 per booster.

May 26, 2001
Distribution of Nationals Prizes
Prize winners from Nationals will be able to collect their Apocalypse prizes at this tournament. If you received Apocalypse prizes at Nationals and will not be at the tournament, please contact me to arrange an alternate delivery of your prize.

Additionally, a few players from Abu Dhabi still have not received their prizes from Nationals. If this applies to you, you can pick up your prizes at the tournament, or contact me to arrange delivery of your prize.

May 23, 2001
New look coming for Web site!
We are putting the final touches on a whole new look for our Web site. You may have noticed that the site now redirects you to our new site at This is part of our update plan that will have a much more effective site available for your viewing pleasure in the next few days.

With the new look will come whole new sections for more of your favorite games. First in line will be Dungeons and Dragons, followed soon by WarHammer and Mage Knight: Rebellion. If you have other games that you would like featured on our site, just contact us and we'll see what we can do. We already have several new articles ready to post at the same time as the new site.

Expect the new site to go live on or about June 1.

May 5, 2001
We have a Champion!
GamesNet is proud to announce the results of our Nationals for this year!  Mark Marsden successfully defended his title and remains the UAE Champion for the 2000-2001 season.  For more details and decklists, check out our coverage.

April 22, 2001
Nationals Pricing Announced
Here are the prices for the Last-Chance Qualifier and Nationals 2001. 

The Last-Chance Qualifier will be held Thursday morning.  Entry will be Dhs. 25.  The qualifier is open to everyone, and the top two players who haven't already qualified for Nationals will get invitations.  Also, everyone who signs up for this event gets a Dhs. 10 discount on the Nationals entry fee.

The Nationals entry fee will be Dhs. 50.  This includes the cost of the six boosters for the two Rochester Drafts (three boosters for each draft).

April 22, 2001
New Info on Europeans and Worlds!
Wizards has finally posted some new information on Europeans and Worlds.  We've got the essential information summarized for you right here.

April 20, 2001
BeatDown now in stock!
Despite the fact that Wizards still haven't gotten their stock of BeatDown in yet, we've gone to extraordinatly lengths to get you your fix!  We now have a small quantity of BeatDown boxes in stock.  They will be on sale as of today at a price of Dhs. 125 each.

April 5, 2001
7th Edition and more now in stock!
We've just received our initial shipment of 7th Ed., and it's looking fantastic!  The artwork is gorgeous, and the cards are just what you'd expect.  The packs consist of one rare, 3 uncommons, 10 commons, and one basic land.  They will be priced initially like our other packs.

We've also received Invasion and Planeshift Fat Packs.  A Fat pack consists of either a starter and three boosters (for Invasion) or six boosters (for Planeshift), the novel of the same set, a card encyclopedia for that set, and two premium foil cards.  Until the end of Nationals, they're available at a special price -- 20% below our normal retail price!

Unfortunately, BeatDown boxed sets are back-ordered at Wizards.  (This means that even Wizards are out of stock on these items.)  We're doing our best to obtain a supply of them from alternate sources.  We'll keep you informed.

March 27, 2001
New Info on UAE Nationals
We've posted some preliminary information on UAE Nationals 2001, including information on the Last-Chance Qualifier, the schedule and formats, and the current list of qualified players.  We're also starting a section on information for Europeans and Worlds; as soon as we get new info, we'll post it for you.

March 24, 2001
Updated BattleTech Section
We've vastly expanded our BattleTech section by incorporating material from the Adrian Spoint Web site.  Much of the general material (not specific to the Adrian campaign) can be access directly now, and the sections with information specifically about Adrian are now also part of the main site.  The full details can be found in our navigation bar to the left.

March 20, 2001
Revised Author Compensation Program
We've made a few changes to out Author Compensation Policy that make it more general and universally applicable.  It's still the best way to get paid for writing about your favorite games.  Take a look at our new policy.

February 27, 2001
New Tournament Policies
We've developed a few new policies that relate to how we run tournaments.  First, we're implementing modified double-elimination instead of single-elimination for all tournaments.  Second, we're running a Rare Selection Process to avoid rare-drafting.  Read the full details here.

February 27, 2001
Updates Coming...
We're getting ready for some major upgrades and updates to our Web site.  Look for huge expansions to our BattleTech section, and all-new Dungeons and Dragons section, an open bulletin board, and lots more. We're even planning on working a chat room and email server into our site.  If you have any suggestions about changes or special services you'd like us to offer, email us and we'll see what we can do.

February 17, 2001
Tournament Vote Results are in!
All the votes have been counted!  We are back to normal tournaments on Thursdays.  Read the full results here.  Then, check our updated tournament calendar.



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