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Battle for Tukayyid

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As April 3052 approached, we heard stories that a great battle was being arranged that would determine whether we would take Terra or not. Details were scarce at first, but eventually, we found out that the battle would take place at Tukayyid, and that it would in fact be a proxy battle for Terra. Our opponents would be the Com Guards, the forces secretly assembled by ComStar for the last few decades. If the Clans won, then ComStar would cease all resistance against us; if ComStar won, the Clans would not advance beyond Tukayyid for 15 years.

Many were shocked that the ilKhan, who bargained against the Precentor Martial of ComStar, could agree to a delay of three generations. [For the illiterati, let me explain that the Clans use a eugenics program to breed warriors. A new batch can be created every five years. Hence, 15 years is three generations to the Clans. This is general information now, but it plays a critical role down the line. It is the foundation of the charge of genocide leveled against Ulric, and it triggers the Refusal War in 3058. -- Of course, Adrian doesn't know that yet!] However, it was apparently the best he could manage, down from 500 years or so.

All the Clans started preparations for this epic battle, and the tensions started to mount. Finally, we learned that the battle would begin on May first. Clan Wolf would be landing on Day 5 of the battle. We ran drills and practices for every imaginable situation, and waited as best we can. Finally, on April 25th, we received the following document:

Tukayyid Battle Orders

Attachment 1: Tactical Frequencies

Attachment 2: Chain of Command

This was my command at the time.

Finally, the time came for us to deploy. Upon landing, we formed a standard defensive perimeter, and held our positions for a few hours, until Epsilon Galaxy troops landed and moved to relieve us. Later that afternoon, we were given the maps and specific orders for tomorrow's march. We would be advancing in a rough line. Gamma Galaxy held the western flank, Beta held the center, and Delta secured our eastern flank. Alpha Galaxy was out on independent maneuvers (who would say, "No," to Natasha Kerensky?!!), in an attempt to get behind the enemy.

Within Gamma Galaxy, we were once again in a line. SuperNova Third, under Nova Captain Bob Ward, was the westernmost unit, SuperNova Command was led by Star Colonel Dwilt Radick in the middle, and we were on the right, buttressed up against the 7th Battle Cluster.



We marched forward for some time, and things seemed uneventful enough. Then, we heard the following conversation on our radios:

[Note: The following conversation is not meant to be read literally. Instead, the apparent aberrations from Clan language are meant to represent the Clan's battle language, decidedly different from their ordinary, everyday speech.]

Transcript of Battle, ID # Tukayyid-5
South of Forest’s End, 8 May 3052
16th Battle Cluster, Gamma Galaxy

Start time: 0946:24 lima
End time: 0953:10
Tactical frequencies: 56, 57, 58,

[0946:24] MechWarrior Mhong, Bravo 3rd Nova

Nova Commander, I think there is something out there, in the trees.

[0946:30] Nova Commander Llewellyn, Bravo 3rd Nova

What do you have, Mhong?

[0946:40] Mhong

My scanners are picking up anomalous metallic readings. Just showed up on the scanners. ... Wait, they’ve disappeared.

[0946:50] Llewellyn

Run a full diagnostic check on your scanners.

Anyone else out there picking up anything? Burnt, do you have anything?

[0947:01] Elemental Point Commander Burnt

Nothing. All looks normal.

[0947:46] Mhong

Diagnostic check reported normal, Nova Commander.

[0948:12] Llewellyn

Mikyong, Burnt, take your points and go check out that stand of trees up ahead.

Nova Captain, I have sent 2 elemental points ahead to recon the trees. Mhong reported abnormal readings in scanning.

[0948:22] Nova Captain Bob Ward, Supernova 3rd

Acknowledged. Be aware for possible Com Guards.

[0950:34] Elemental Point Commander Mikyong Fetladral

[Startled voice] Llewellyn, there is something in -- [static]

[0950:37] Llewellyn

Someone! Report!

[0950:42] Elemental Whitmore, Bravo 3rd Nova

Commander! Com Guards [autocannon fire] here! Aaaahhh!! ... [static]

[0950:45] Llewellyn

Bravo 3rd Nova Omnis, move forward and attack. Elementals, detach and go Mech hunting.

Bob - there are enemy Mechs in the trees. We are engaging.

[0950:57] Bob Ward

Do it. Alpha 3rd Nova, attack formation beta 3. Move forward to support. Star Colonel Dwilt, there are Com Guard Mechs in the trees at --[missiles impacting against Omni]

We are under attack! Repeat, Supernova 3rd is under attack by unknown number of Com Guard Battle Mechs. Request support.

Supernova 3rd, open battle, formation epsilon 5. Engage at will.

[0951:13] Llewellyn

Bob, there are too many -- we can not hold them -- need support -- [sounds of impacts in the background]

[0951:15] Star Colonel Dwilt Radick, 16th Battle Cluster

Supernova Command, shift left 300 meters, move to support Supernova 3rd. Elementals, in 100 meters. Detach and move in on own. Attack formation gamma 6. Flahar, Lutharin, take your Elementals with you and check out those tress in front of us.

Bob, attack at will.

Adrian, shift left, move to support our flank.

[Speaking to Gamma Galaxy Commander Mikel Furey] Mikel,we are under attack from an unknown number of Com Guard Mechs on our left flank. Are engaging.

[sound of missiles impacting on Omni]

[0951:30] Nova Commander Marialle Radick, Bravo Command Nova

The Star Colonel’s down! He is being attacked by several Com Guards!

Approx. 18 Mechs emerged out of trees in front of us!

Supernova Command, engage at will!

[0951:37] Bob Ward

Adrian, let Galaxy Command know what is happening.

[0951:58] Com Guards attack Supernova 2nd.

[0953:02] Llewellyn

Bob is down! [impacts]

[0953:06] MechWarrior Dancry, Bravo 3rd Nova

Llewellyn is down!

At this point, our positions were as follows:


Obviously, the situation was critical. I hastily called up Galaxy Command and informed them of our situation, then radioed the 7th Battle Cluster for what support they could give us. In the meantime, Bravo 2nd Nova was charging at top speed towards the battle, while we advanced a little behind them.

Abruptly, another group of Com Guard Mechs appeared just as we reached the middle of the plain, and tried to hit us from behind. However, we had been expecting this sort of treachery, and Alpha 2nd Nova wheeled about to face them. Between taking shots at the opposing Mechs, I ordered all remaining Warriors to make their way towards the low ground between the two hills, right in the center of the map. We could form a "pincushion" defense there, and consolidate what remained of our units.

Before we could get there, however, I found myself to be the target of three Exterminators' attention. Luckily, while they were hard to spot if attacking by surprise, they were a lot less difficult to target in straight-up combat. My Timber Wolf took a pounding, but I gave better than I got.

I am proud to say that the SuperNova, and indeed the whole Cluster, did not crack, even with the utterly unexpected ambush. We were able to hold, and take out a considerable number of the opponents, before reinforcements from the 7th Battle Cluster arrived to mop up the remains.

Adrian's battle on Tukayyid continues ...


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